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Platelet Count

Testing Information

Sample Type
Whole Blood
Test Codes
CPT Code
Testing Area
Core Lab - Hematology
Test Methodology
Sysmex XN Series - Impedance and Flow Cytometry
Reference Range
0-15 years: 130-450 x10e3 cells/ul>15 years: 150-450 x10e3 cells/uLCritical Value:<50 or >1000 x10e3 cells/ul
Expected Turnaround Time
Results Available 24 hours from Receipt at the laboratory.
Specimen Collection Criteria
Collect one lavender top EDTA tube (minimum whole blood: 1 mL). Invert 6-8 times to ensure anticoagulant is well mixed with the blood. Refrigerate while waiting for specimen to be picked up.
Rejection Criteria
Clotted specimens, grossly hemolyzed specimens, quantity not sufficient, improperly labeled
Specimen Validity and Retention
Lavender EDTA Tubes:Room Temperature (20-25°C): 8 HoursRefrigerated (2-8°C): 24 hoursFrozen (-20°C or greater): UnacceptableSpecimens retained for 7 days after testing
Courier Transportation
Transport centrifuged tube refrigerated (2-8°C)
Clinical Utility
Platelet counts are useful.