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Synthetic Opioids

Testing Information

Sample Type
Testing Area
Test Methodology
Panel Contents
Meperidine, Normeperidine, Methadone, EDDP, Tramadol, N-DesmethylTramadol, Fentanyl, Norfentanyl, Tapentadol
Reference Range
Expected Turnaround Time
24-48 hrs
Specimen Collection Criteria
Sterile urine cup or tube
Rejection Criteria
Quantity Not Sufficient (< 1mL), Specimen not labeled properly, Specimen leaked
Specimen Validity and Retention
Room Temperature (20-25°C): 72 hrs Refrigerated (2-8°C): 7 days. Frozen (-20° or below): 14 days
Courier Transportation
Transport specimen at room temp (20-25°C) or refrigerated (2-8°C).
Clinical Utility
Definitive testing to monitor compliance with prescribed drug therapy and detect the use of nonprescribed and illicit substances.